Career Profile

Experienced data scientist with a mathematical background. Previous experience in tutoring and small business ownership mean I am practised at explaining complex concepts and translating technical mathematics into workplace output. In short, I am a well-rounded data scientist who loves challenges and tough problems.


BMath in Mathematics

2013 - 2017
University of Queensland

Studied Mathematics focusing on applied areas such as statistical analysis, algorithms and optimization. Awarded the Vice Chancellor Scholarship ($12,000 p.a.) based on academic merit.


Data Analyst

2017 - Present
Jacaranda Finance

Data analyst for a financial services company. During my role, I was tasked with improving their credit scoring algorithm using an internal data set. To accomplish this I implemented a variety of statistical (logistic regression, decision tree, random forest) and machine learning methods in R language and oversaw their deployment as an API.

Data Scientist Intern

2017 - 2018

Intern for an ambitious real estate sound monitoring start-up. In my role I wrote unit tests for an AWS Django server; scraped and managed large data sets in AWS databases; and optimized the runtime of an internal tool using mathematical improvements.

Casual Academic Tutor

2016 - 2017
University of Queensland

Academic tutor to 25 students. Tasks involved explaining mathematical concepts, marking assignments and giving constructive feedback to students.

Private Tutor

2013 - 2018
Altius Tutoring

Founder of a 1-on-1 specialist tutoring company for Queensland senior school students. My role included tutoring, marketing, sales and client relationship management.


Coding projects I have worked on in my spare time.

NY Times Sentiment Analysis - Responsive webapp analysing the emotion and bias of the NY times most shared articles by social media type. Dash by Plotly backend. Machine learning done with NLTK.
Conspiracy Trivia - A simple trivia game for the Google Assistant and Google Home product lines with a conspiratorial theme.

Skills & Proficiency

Python (numpy, pandas)


Amazon Web Services

R language

Database (SQlite, postgresql)

Python (plotly, Django)

Python (TensorFlow)